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cricket off@-₹50 price_₹95
Bat Grips Multicolor

Bat Grips Multicolor

cricket off@-₹50 price_₹95
Short Description:
Cricket Bat Grips Multicolor 6 Piece

Product Description

Kalindri Sports Grips

✔The batsman in the game of cricket has an exceptionally challenging role to play as he is the one who takes the game forward for his team. 

✔Having a cricket bat with the right grip can make a world of difference to the player’s ability to hit everything from singles to sixers. 

✔These bat grip for the cricket bat handles has been designed to give you a soft and comfortable feel which is a functional feature during long hours of play. 

✔The grip is shock absorbent and therefore does not allow the force of impact on the bat to affect the batsman. 

✔This revolutionary pack of grips is made of select quality rubber for optimum comfort and better shock absorption.

Soft feel grip with better shock absorption and jerk free performance.
Easy to transport and store; non breakable; absolute comfortable; gives you greater control.
Helps to built stroke of bat. Helps to hold bat properly. Prevent bat from breaking
Lightweight durable product. Save your cricket bat give long life; good balance and pick up, decent edges and massive profiles
It is long lasting and you can match different colors on different days. The pack of Kalindri Sports bat grips is an ideal addition in your cricket kit. 
It is best suited for regular practice and will help you play. Size/12/10