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aerobic fitness off@-₹50 price_₹95
Skipping Rope

Skipping Rope

aerobic fitness off@-₹50 price_₹95
Short Description:
Kalindri Sports Thick Cotton Skipping Rope for Women,Girls,Boys

Product Description

"Kalindri Sports wooden handles without paint (non-toxic and odourless) are comfortable for all hand sizes. Lightweight cotton braided rope moves nicely. Our lightweight design reduce strain on your hands. Urban gear skipping jumping ropes are appropriate for men and women (from 4'9"" to 6'6"" tall), for adults and kids. Kalindri Sports skipping jumping ropes are great for cardio training, weight loss exercise and workouts and a fun way to get in shape fast. Being feather-light makes it easily and conveniently portable so that you can achieve maximum fat burn and tone your muscles anywhere."