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Tummy Twister

Tummy Twister

fitness off@-₹50 price_₹999
Short Description:
Kalindri Sports Tummy Twister Acupressure Twister (Magnets) Useful for Figure Tone-up Magnetic Twisting Machine Tummy Twister-Abdominal Trimmer-Waist

Product Description


Kalindri Sports TUMMY TWISTER

Acupressure pyramid & Magnetic treatment therapy.Twister transforms the body into an attractive shapely figure by getting rid of excess fat, flabby muscles, increases chest & gains energy. Sit on a chair and keep your feet on the acupressure side of the twister to relax your body and benefit from the therapy. This therapy removes fatigue, revives senses and improves blood circulation.Twister not only tightens your side bulges but also tones your waistline since your twisting exercise covers ribs to your hips.

Features & details

ACUPRESSURE: This rotating disc gives you the advantage of acupressure therapy which is used to stimulate specific points on the body along what are considered to be lines of energy.
SHAPE AND TONING: This tummy twister helps you to tone up your body and be in shape by twisting this disc twice a day for 10 minutes daily.
TIGHTENS UP MUSCLES: Tummy twister helps in tighten up your muscle and reduce body fat. It also works as waist trimmer and tummy trimmer and makes your tummy and body in attractive shape.