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aerobic cricket fitness football price _₹60 Sports
Hurdles 6 inch

Hurdles 6 inch

aerobic cricket fitness football price _₹60 Sports
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kalindri Sports Kalindri Sports Hurdles 6inch 6inch

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Kalindri Sports;

 Adjustable Height Speed Hurdle - Set of 6. Why carry around heavy and bulky single height hurdles when you can 
Quick-Click? 3 HEIGHT SETTINGS (6, 9 & 12 inches) Adjust each individual hurdle height instead of having to carry around bulky and heavy equipment.
 INSTANTLY INCREASE & LOWER TRAINING INTENSITY with the innovative QUICKPLAY ‘Quick-Click’ mechanism. To change the height of each hurdle simply rotate the feet until they ‘Click’ in place – no tricky buttons or clips. 
LOW CATCH TOP BAR DESIGN Featuring our unique dog-bone rung shape and beveled edges to minimize being caught by the athlete’s foot. 
SUPERIOR VISUAL ACUITY Bright neon color provides superior visual acuity training than other hurdle colors. 
TRAIN ON ALL SURFACES Safe to use on most training surfaces including gym floors, artificial turf, concrete, asphalt and grass ULTRA PORTABLE & EASY TO STORE Train anywhere with its super lightweight design that packs down smaller than any other hurdle on the market! 
QUALITY & DURABILITY BACKED BY OUR INDUSTRY LEADING Designed in the UK by athletes, for athletes, the 
QUICKPLAY PRO Quick-Click Hurdles feature a flexible, durable design and a unique breakaway mechanism to reduce the chance of damage if they are stepped on in training, unlike other hurdles on the market that can break or fly off in any direction. To reassemble the hurdle simply click it back into place. 
CHECK OUT OTHER QUICKPLAY EQUIPMENT; Quick-Snap Agility Ladder: The no twist, less fuss Speed Ladder, with unique adjust-and-lock rung separation mechanism and convenient storage system. Pro Speed + Agility Set: A versatile set of 3 or 6ft Agility Poles, bungees and Slotted 9in cones.