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Buying Guide Cricket Bat


Soft Tennis Ball > Popular Willow Bat


Tennis/Rubber Ball > Standard Kashmir Willow Bat or English Willow

Leather Ball > Thick-Edged Kashmir Willow Bat


Willow is a type of fibrous wood that provides the strength and compression

needed for a cricket bat. There are primarily three types of Willow

English Willow, Kashmir Willow and Popular Willow

English Willow

* English willow is a soft whitish timber that grows slowly in the cooler climates in England.

* English willow bats have thicker edges yet are lighter in weight compared to Kashmir

willow due to their higher grain density and finer quality grains.

* Experienced and international cricketers prefer using an English willow as they provide better stability.

* English willow bats are expensive and require a lot of maintenance in terms of knocking & oiling the bat before using them.

*English willow is further classified based on the grain quality into the different grades.

Kashmir Willow

*Kashmir willow is a hard brownish wood grown in Kashmir

*Because of the harder wood, Kashmir willow bats require less maintenance and can be used straight away without oiling.

*Suitable for Beginners/Intermediates and as a Practice Bat as these are economical than English willow bats.

Perfect for hard tennis balls and most good quality Kashmir willow bats can be used for

leather balls too. No sweet spotas seen in an English willow bat.

Popular Willow

*These are lower-grade willow made from poplar tree

*These bats should be used only for playing with soft tennis balls and are recommended only for Kids/Amateurs.


Height of a player decides the size of the cricket bat they should use.

A wrong sized bat could lead to a bad stance, either crouching too low

or being too upright.

LB - Long Blade/Handle ; SH - Short Handle ; SM - Small Mens/Youth ; H - Harrow


Full size bats can be classified into 3 weight ranges:

Weight range Playing Style

Lightweight (< 1.1 Kg) | For players who like control as it helps with timing the ball well

Medium (1.1 to 1.25 Kg) | For a balance of Power and Control

For explosive players who like thicker edged bats for aggressive power hitting.


✓ The thickest area of the bat determines the sweet spot.

✓ This is the zone of the bat which generates the maximum timing and performance.

✓ The sweet spot is determined by the Cricket Bat Spine profile, which is the line that runs from handle to toe on the back face of the bat.

 For predominantly back-foot players

High Sweet spot High profile Spine Also recommended for Tennis balls

as they produce extra bounce