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Sunction Sit Up

Sunction Sit Up

fitness off@-₹50 price_₹999
Short Description:
Kalindri Sports Sit-Up Bar Fitness Equipment, Sit-Up Assistant Device, Sit-up and Push-up Assistant Device Lose Weight Gym Workout Exercise Machine Po

Product Description

 Product Description

Sit Up Bar
Abdominal & Leg Muscle Training System
Benefits of doing regular sit ups:

1. It improves Core Strength

2. Improves Body Posture

3. Reduce risk of Back Pain & Injury

4. Better Balance & Stability

5. Sit ups cause compression of the abdomen, which can have a positive effect on your diaphragm & can improve your breathing patterns.

Sit Up Bar
Suitable to fit for all types of Flooring
This sit up bar is suitable for all type of flooring. Steps to install the sit up bar:

1. Choose smooth hard surface

2. Clean the floor

3. Firmly press the suction cup to install it on the floor

4. Adjust the height before using it for exercise

Sit Up Bar
Premium Quality Durable Product
1. High Density Thick Foam Handles

2. One Click Installation process an all type of Flooring

3. Four Gear to adjust height according to the exercise

4. Lightweight & Easy to Carry

Sit Up Bar
Rubber Suction Cup Lock Design to provide better Support
The Sit Up Bar has a rubber suction lock technology that can install the sit up bar easily on any type of flooring in just one click. it provides better stability & support during workout and can overall increase the work out effectiveness.

Features & details
Abdominal & Leg Muscle Training Equipment : Sit up bar for floor can perform a variety of sports, perfect for sit-ups, push-ups, Pilates, stretching, yoga, strength training. You can exercise your arm muscle, abdominal muscle, psoas and achieve the fitness effect of thin waist and reduce belly fat.
Tight Suction : Portable sit-up aid is designed with strong suction that allows it can be attached firmly to the floor to provide a safe and stable stand for your workout.
4 Adjustable Gears : It has 4 gears of height adjustment and you can adjust the height for a variety of purposes to help you complete abdominal exercises and beautify your abdominal curves.