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fitness off@-₹50 price_₹999
Balance Board

Balance Board

fitness off@-₹50 price_₹999
Short Description:
Kalindri Sports Sports Balance Board Wobble Fitness Fit Exercise Tilt Stability Balancer Balancing Rocker Board Trainer Abs Legs Core Workout Non-Slip

Product Description


Plastic Balance Board, 40 Cm (Multi-Color). This balance board which is made of plastic and comes in Black color. The size of this product is standard.Kalindri Sports Plastic Balance Board, 40 Cm (Multi-Color) | Fitness Balance Board for Balance and Stability Training | Round Wobble Balance Board Stability Disc Yoga Ankle Knee Rehab Exercise Gym Fitness Training Board Stability Trainer Board for Balance and Stability Training, Wobble Cushion for Ankle Strengthening, Injury Rehabilitation, and Physical Therapy, Balance Equipment this is very Cheap And good Quality Product which help you to improve your physical exercise. Those senior people who are unable to stand up after their surgery. its provide you best body structure to Adults And which love dance.